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Why We Need a Library

Public Library
(Published in The Jesup Sentinel prior to 1911.)
School System
  A public library in our community would be an influence for good every day in the week.  
  It would make the town more attractive to the class of people we want as residents and neighbors.  
  It would mold the character of the children in our homes.  
  A good library would get gifts from wealthy citizens. No other public institution offers so fitting an opportunity for a public spirited citizen to help his neighbors and win their approval and affection.

A library in Jesup would be the centre of our intellectual life and would stimulate the growth of all kinds of clubs for study and debating. It is a great part of our education to know how to find facts. No man knows everything, but the man who knows how to find an indispensable fact quickly has the best substitute for knowledge. We need a library to carry forward in a better manner the education of the children who leave school; to give them a better chance for self-education. We need it to give thoughts and inspiration to the teachers of the people, those who in the school-room or the pulpit, on the rostrum, or with the pen attempt to instruct or lead their fellow citizens.

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