Money Calc


The Money Calc, created by PCI's Janie Haugen, is a hybrid of traditional and money-math calculators. The easy-to-use Money Calc allows students to 'see' how money math problems are worked. The calculator takes the mystery out of money math and helps students master basic math, coin counting, and 'real-life' money-handling skills.

The Money Calc has two modes: The Money Calc and Calc Mode. In the Money Calc mode, the LCD screen shows values as decimals with the dollar sign, dollars, and cents. For example, when $2.50 is added to $2.50 the screen displays $5.00, unlike a traditional calculator, which converts the amount to 5. The Money Calc can also be used to teach subtraction and calculate change. In the Calc Mode, the Money Calc functions as a traditional calculator for working math problems that do not involve money.